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Best stress busting spa treatments

It can be difficult to shrug off work or family related stress long enough to truly relax at the best of times, but throw in the pressure of being the hostess with the mostess at Christmas and the festive season can really take its toll. The stress of endless events, last-minute gift buying and a house full of hungry guests can zap the joy out of the experience and leave us feeling thoroughly glum. This year don’t let it get that way. Instead opt for a calming spa day at Pakjira Original Thai Massage & Spa Scheveningen near you for a little pick me up that will lift your spirits.

Spa Pedicure – Manicure

Wij zijn Sinds 2012  gediplomeerd  in diversen behandelingen van massage  tot het plaatsen van Gel nagels, Pedicure, Manicure . U kunt bij Pakjira Original Thai Massage & Spa behalve voor massages dus ookt erecht voor Pedicure , Manicure en nagel verzorging.

NAGELVERZORGING Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in het plaatsen van kunst- en gel nagels. Een team van ervaren nagel stylisten staat klaar om uw handen en nagels professioneel te verzorgen. Kwaliteit is waar Pakjira Original Thai Massage & Spa voor staat.

MANICURE(handen) Een manicure behandeling bestaat uit het reinigen van de handen, losmaken van de nagelriemen, knippen en vijlen en hand massage.

SPA PEDICURE(voeten) Een basis van onze voetbehandeling bestaat uit de verzorging van nagels en overtollig eelt, verwijderen van verschillende soorten likdoorns (eelt pitten/kloven en eelt randen), kalk nagels en ingroeiende nagels.

Ook verwennen wij uw voeten met een scrub en masker verzorging. Na afloop met korte voetmassage in warme olie.



Finding a massage spa that can make you feel amazing from head to toe is easier now than ever before. We’re a massage spa that serves clients in Los Angeles, California. If you’re trying to find an incredible exfoliating body scrub, our massage spa can come through for you. Our body scrub treatments can make you feel like a brand new individual. Visit our massage spa as soon as possible to get additional details about our treatments.

Body Scrubs

We give our clients superb scrubs that can make their bodies feel fresh and squeaky-clean. If you want your complexion to be 100 percent devoid of rough and dull patches, our exfoliating body scrub can be a wonderful choice. Our scrubs involve cleansing formulas and essential oils alike. They help clients attain radiant complexions that are stunning and soft, too.

Additional Massages and Body Scrub Treatments

Our massage spa presents clients with a range of add-ons that are fitting for both body scrubs and massages. Our hot steam showers are the epitome of serene. They last for half an hour total. Our partial deep tissue massages can make you feel like you were just born. They can awaken your physique and your senses. Our partial hot stone massages, finally, can be just as pleasant and inviting. If you want to slow down and abandon reality for a while, we can enchant you with Los Angeles’ most exciting scrub and massage choices.