Pakjira Original Thaise Massage

I am Pakjira

Let me introduce myself, I am Pakjira founder of the first Thai massage salon in Fahrenheitstraat-Thomsonlaan.

The massage salon  opened its doors on 2 November 2012 and that I named after myself Pakjira Original Thai Massage. As the name suggests our professional experienced staff provides the Original massage originating from Thailand therapeutic or relaxing massages.

Taking advantage of several years of experience in renowned institutes in Thailand I was able to make Pakjira Original Thai Massage (POTM®)  the best massage salon in Den Haag // Zuid Holland  and received several awards recognizing the high level of quality and service that the clients can enjoy at POTM®.

This success gave me the idea/energy/incentive to expand my activities as I saw there was a need in Den Haag. In order to prepare this second project I have been travelling to Thailand leaving POTM® to some employees under my management continuing to provide excellent service to an ever growing . Therefore some of our more recent clients would not see me as The Original Pakjira.

During these travels I made contact with local Thai artists and art importers and I gathered the best Thai massage products. I combined these two and in July2017 came to life in Scheveningen harbor (one of) the largest in Den Haag (Zuid Holland – The Netherlands) comprising a gift shop providing Thai decoration items.